TECMAPLAST is present in France and the Czech Republic.
It is an essential part of its strategy to support its customers as markets open up in Central Europe.

A company looking to the future

At the end of the 90's TECMAPLAST spotted the openings which were soon to take place in Central Europe and at the end of October 2001 it set up its plant in the Czech Republic.

Since its foundation the turnover has been multiplied ten-fold with a sustained investment programme. Today the Czech Republic subsidiary's turnover accounts for 36 % of the TECMAPLAST business.

A coherent approach

The management has always been committed to providing the same service in the Czech Republic as that at its French plant, whether technologically or from a logistic and quality point of view.

80 % of the manufacturing is destined for markets within close proximity of Central Europe.

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CZ production workshop
High speed pad printing machine
Air collectors