2-shot molding

TECMAPLAST has been acknowledged for many years now as an expert in 2-shot molding injection thanks to its 18 injection molding machines 2 of which are especially dedicated to silicon bi-materials. It is skilled in many types of technology such as robotic transfer, mold cavity transfer or with rotative base.

Every year TECMAPLAST develops numerous products by 2-shot molding injection in different materials :

  • thermoplastic, 
  • silicon, 
  • expandable thermoplastics.

2-shot molding technologies mean we are continually able to meet specific requirements such as tightness, insulation, aesthetics... but also that of economic criteria.

The experience we have gained has allowed us to develop a large range of products :

  • valves, 
  • housings, 
  • knobs, 
  • handles,
  • rear lamps...
Bi-material parts