A team of specialists with a  strong expertise in markets, customers and products and well-proven technical experience works closely with our customers and a panel of approved suppliers. They set out from the estimate step to that of offering customized solutions to our customers' requests.

From the outset of the programme launch TECMAPLAST sets up a multi-skilled team led by a project manager,who is entirely responsible for the programme right up to the product acceptance.

TECMAPLAST implements the full range of its know-how :

  • An efficient CAD system (Spinfire…);
  • Development and co-design;
  • Rheological study (Moldflow);
  • Tool procurement management (over 50 % purchased in Asia);
  • Metrology lab equipped with CN 3D and 3D optical;
  • External cooperation with design offices, certified laboratories and suppliers;
  • And lastly in terms of innovation, our involvement in research programmes at the center Innovation Plasturgie Composites (ex-Pôle Européen de Plasturgie) and Plastipolis (competitive cluster plastics engineering)
Mold Flow