Since its foundation, TECMAPLAST has been specialized in plastic parts for fastening systems between rails and sleepers or cement blocks.

Tecmaplast : an approved supplier

TECMAPLAST is an approved supplier for the NABLA® threaded fastening systems and PANDROL clip-on fastening systems which are among the best-selling fastening systems worldwide.

TECMAPLAST offers a wide range of products in this field.

A fully controlled manufacturing process

TECMAPLAST is highly skilled in the transformation of polyamides and its associated quality control thanks to its automated production process.

TECMAPLAST has set up a rigorous control procedure for its manufacturing and the systematic and automatic recording of specification testing (shock testing, tensile testing, re-wetting/remoistening testing)

A wide range of products

TECMAPLAST offers a wide range of products for high-speed trains and classic railway networks, undergrounds (subways), railways points (switching), for example :

  • NABLA® insulator
  • Adaptation insulator
  • Toes insulator
  • Sides post insulator
  • Insulating ring
  • 1/2 cylindrical bearings
  • Insulator
  • Etc…





Tensile test